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SIOR is committed to providing the latest and fastest growing training and professional development opportunities to our clients. SIOR is pleased to announce this unique opportunity to harrness the power of the Internet. Now our member companies' employees can take advantage of our up to 400 other web-based courses and seminars in over 40 topic areas provided by Scher Group, a leader in e-learning and employee development services.

Selecting the Course Information button will display a list of popular online courses and seminars, however to see a catalog containing all courses click here.

SIOR is aware of the knowledge gap that can quickly develop if skills aren't continously improved. This knowledge gap usually results in poor indiviual and organizational performance. Many of the world's leading teachers and speakers have contributed thier expertise to insuring your employees have access to cutting edge thinking. How can you get the most from this strategic tool?

Contact SIOR at (202) 449-8200 to discuss how a customized employee development and training solution can meet your needs. As a member of SIOR, you can set up, use and access tracking reports that will enable you to measure improvement from this employee development experience.